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Disappear, fade away into the days we dream about turn into nothing as we dissolve all the things we dreamed about. Stand in the center of pain as we let go of the possessions we can not live without, sit with eyes open as we are witness to the nightmares that we scream about. This is not my life. Never planned on being alone never planned on doing this alone, but i am alone in my home where 3 and half walls are all that contain me. If I cry behind the smile don't blame me as I look down the road I've travelled at all the acts that shamed me, happiness is my facade it helps to tame me, I travel daily with all the thoughts that pain me. I shall fade from existence as my persistence met resistence, tried to make it but the pressure of truth I just couldn't take it. So to my love I never met, remember me, as I fade from memories of Future's past where the love we shared purged me of pain and I was able to breathe again.
I came back just to read it again XD
"three and a half walls are all that contain me" Nice line. Seriously.
@AhmadBlack Gonna have to agree with @DanielRivera here, this is really great work!!
why are you so friggen amazing? truly truly talented. @AhmadBlack
Is your poetry meant to be spoken in any way? Some of the lines like the "alone" passage in this piece roll off the tongue so well. Great work