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Need a little immune boosting from seasonal change? Here's a ginger shot recipe that will give your immune system a lift. Some people claim it's a natural cold remedy! Ingredients: 1/4 lb ginger (anti-viral/anti-inflammatory, great for congestion) 3 lemons (vitamin c, great for cleansing and detox) 1 head garlic (anti-inflammatory/anti-bacterial/anti-viral) Direction: Peel and chop the ginger and lemons, peel the garlic, and run them through your juicer. It should yield 8 ounces, which is 8 servings. Sprinkle with turmeric (anti-inflammatory) and cayenne (anti-inflammatory/clears congestion) for a little boost.
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I love ginger. I don't know if I could hang with ginger and garlic in a straight up shot form though. That's a little too intense for me!!
@asparagus Actually you'll get used to the garlic taste. It's not bad! @nocha I made this several times for my aunt and friends when they were sick, and it has helped them get over the cold quicker than OTC medicine.
I've actually tried this once or twice and it really clears out your sinuses!!
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