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● Similar likes and dislikes: 2% ● A sense of humor: 5% ● Chemistry: 11% ● Communication: 17% ● Trust and honesty: 65% This is a helpful guide to what really matters in a healthy, loving, lasting relationship. Liking the same things has it’s value, but it’s not nearly as important as some people think. I can understand wanting to be able to share what you love with the one you love, but if you both only like the same things you’ll never be trying anything new, and you’ll never have your own thing. Likewise having a common sense of humor is very valuable, but it’s not the foundation for a relationship. it helps get you through the hard times, and enjoy the good, but it’s not crucial for a lasting relationship. As odd as it may sound chemistry isn’t crucial either. It’s valuable, and I would say even though it’s certainly a part of what makes a relationship work, it’s not the biggest part. But even the smallest puzzle piece can make a difference. Communication is the one I would disagree with, because for me part of honesty is inherently linked with open communication. Same with trust. You show your partner trust by honestly communicating with them, and you earn trust by accepting honest communication from them. I suppose for me it would be 82% Trust, Honesty, and Communication!
@keithchalmers it's true, so very very true. And if you're honest right from the start it becomes a habit for you and your partner.
Honesty. Sometimes may hurt it the beginning but worth it in the end.