Sewing Machine Mat Tutorial

I am lucky to be able to sew in a room dedicated to this purpose, with several spaces available, to sew, cut, assemble, with an ironing board that remains open, in short, there is no shortage of space.

This gives me ease, but also more opportunities to scatter my material.

But where did I leave my scissors, where did I put the tape measure?

If you're like me or on the contrary, if your space is limited and you need to tidy up
and condense all your essential tools at your fingertips, then this tutorial may be useful to you.

Having a machine underlay has several advantages.

In addition to being able to have all your essentials always in the same place at hand, it offers a decorative surface that can be coordinated with the decor of your room.

It's handy for picking up pins or storing your pliers as you go about your sewing.

It retains small fibers and scraps of fabric that often tend to scatter. You may buy them from the knitted fabric manufacturers online. Personally, I often brush at the end of a seam and collect all the small residues that used to fly all over the room.

So without further ado, I'll share with you how I do to sew my under-the-machine carpet.

You should know that it is a simple and accessible project, which requires little time to complete.
Ideal for beginners.

Preparation :

Cut a rectangle of fleece fabric, the measurements of the table you want to cover.
For me the choice is 70 cm x 50 cm because my machine has an extension table.

Cut a second rectangle of fleece the same width as your previous piece and 15 cm long. For me 70cm x 15cm.
This smaller rectangle is used to form the pockets attached to the large rectangle.

Also gather your other supplies, more or less 3 meters of bias, matching thread, pins.

Realization :

On the small rectangle, wrong side, fix and sew your bias along one of the long sides.

To do this, unfold your bias tape, fix the edge to edge of your fabric and pin.
Then you sew all along on the fold mark.

Then return the bias to the right side of your pinned work to sandwich it and topstitch 2 mm all the way.

So your rectangle has a nice finish, it is ready to be assembled to the mat.

To do this, place it, right side up, at the bottom of the large piece of fabric.

Pin the two rectangles together around the edge and sew the part that will form the pockets, all along the long side, at the bottom and on the 2 short sides (right and left).

Now form the pockets by sewing sections of the dimensions of your choice.

I chose 2 pockets of 20 cm wide and a larger one of 30 cm.

To create the pockets, simply sew a line on the front of the work, over the entire height of the small rectangle.

Now go to the finishes of your mat and place your bias around the entire outline of the work.

Pin on the back of the work sews, returns.

You can use an iron to make it easier to fold the bias cleanly and topstitch the entire bias at 2 mm.

For an ideal finish to your bias binding.

The angles are the most careful part, stop your sewing 1 cm before your angle, form the angle by aligning the unsewn bias to the adjacent side, form a beak that you can fold over and pin by aligning it on the edge that you just sewed.

You then resume sewing your bias on the new side, starting 1 cm from the angle you have just formed.

Once the 4 sides of the work have been sewn, fold the bias towards the right side, at the corners shape well with your fingernail so that the folds and the excess fabric make a nice diagonal in the corner of the corner.

Pin everything together and topstitch.

There you go, last step, install your creation under your machine and store the favorite tools that you want to keep close at hand.
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تفاوت پلاگین وردپرس رایگان و پولی
در حالت کلی، افزونه ها به دو دسته رایگان و پولی تقسیم بندی می شوند. خیلی از کاربران نمی دانند که از افزونه های رایگان باید استفاده کنند یا پولی؟ در ادامه مطلب تفاوت پلاگین وردپرس فارسی و انگلیسی رایگان و پولی را به شما توضیح می دهیم. افزونه رایگان: بزرگترین منبع افزونه های رایگان که می توانید از آنها استفاده نمائید، مخزن وردپرس می باشد. مخزن وردپرس دارای تمامی افزونه های رایگان می باشد که کاربران می توانند به سادگی آن را از داشبورد مدیریتی خود نصب و فعال کنند. فهرست افزونه های وردپرسی بیش از 50،000 افزونه است که هر کدام از آنها به نحوی برای تقویت سئو یک سایت، ایجاد فرم های تماس، نصب گالری ها، نمایش اسلاید برای تصاویر، بهینه سازی تصاویر وب سایت و … مورد استفاده قرار می گیرد. افزونه پرمیوم و پولی: افزونه های پولی به صورت رایگان در اختیار شما قرار نمی گیرد و شما باید بابت آنها هزینه ای پرداخت نمائید. افزونه وردپرس اورجینال و حرفه ای را می توانید از انواع وب سایت های معتبر خریداری نمائید. قیمت افزونه های پرمیوم بسته به نوع افزونه متغیر است. افزونه های پولی قطعاً از امکانات و ویژگی های بیشتری نسبت به افزونه های رایگان برخوردار هستند ازجمله: پشتیبانی مداوم، بروزرسانی مداوم و… در ادامه تفاوت های اصلی میان افزونه های رایگان و پولی را به شما توضیح می دهیم. 1- سفارشی سازی صاحبان سایت های وردپرس که قصد دارند انواع سفارشی سازی ها را در قالب خود اعمال کنند، باید حتماً از افزونه های پولی استفاده کنند. افزونه های پرمیوم وردپرس به وبمستران این اجازه را می دهند تا هر گونه تغییر دلخواهی را به راحتی در وب سایت خود اعمال کنند. افزونه های پرمیوم دارای امکانات و قابلیت های بیشتری برای سایت های وردپرسی می باشند، در صورتی که در افزونه های رایگان به این گونه نیست. با اکثر افزونه های رایگان شما قادر نیسیتد هر گونه سفارشی سازی در تنظیمات افزونه ایجاد کنید. پس اگر قصد دارید روی تک تک جزئیات وب سایتتان تنظیماتی خاصی اعمال کنید، هیچگاه سراغ افزونه های وردپرس بدون هزینه نباشید. 2- پشتیبانی یکی دیگر از تفاوت های اصلی میان افزونه های رایگان و پولی، پشتیبانی می باشد. افزونه های رایگان دارای هیچگونه پشتیبانی نمی باشند و شما نمی توانید با سازندگان آن افزونه به راحتی ارتباط برقرار کنید. خیلی ساده می توان گفت با دانلود افزونه وردپرس فارسی یا انگلیسی خریداری نشده کسی پاسخگوی شما نیست. اما در مقابل، افزونه های پرمیوم و پولی دارای پشتیبانی های گسترده ای می باشند. با خرید افزونه وردپرس پولی، شمامی توانید یک پشتیبانی 6 ماهه یا دائمی از سازنده آن افزونه دریافت نمائید که این موضوع می تواند بسیار جذاب باشد. بعد از خرید افزونه در صورتی که با هرگونه مشکلی مواجه شدید می توانید به راحتی از طریق روش های مختلفی همچون: تیکت، ایمیل و… با سازنده آن ارتباط برقرار کنید تا مشکل شما رفع گردد، در صورتی که در افزونه های رایگان این چنین نیست. 3- امنیت افزونه های رایگان به صورت مداوم به روز رسانی نمی شوند، بنابراین به مرور زمان می توانند به وب سایت شما آسیب وارد کنند. افزونه های رایگان می توانند وب سایت شما را در مقابل هکرها آسیب پذیر کنند. اما در مقابل، افزونه های پرمیوم به این گونه نیستند. افزونه های پولی دارای امنیت بسیار بالایی می باشند. یکی از دلایلی که باعث می شود افزونه های پولی از امنیت بالایی برخوردار باشند، بروزرسانی مداوم آنهاست. 4- امکانات و ویژگی ها در افزونه های رایگان شما با ویژگی ها و امکانات فراوانی روبه رو نیستید. بسیاری از افزونه های رایگان به صورت کامل نیازهای شما را رفع نمی کنند. بنابراین برای اینکه بتوانید از امکانات و ویژگی های بیشتری بهره مند شوید باید از نسخه حرفه ای افزونه استفاده کنید. 5- سرعت عملکرد بسیاری از افزونه های رایگان دارای کدنویسی های استاندارد و اصولی نیستند که همین امر موجب می شود سرعت عملکرد وب سایت شما کاهش پیدا کند. افزونه های پولی به وضوح دارای عملکرد و سرعت بالاتری می باشند که این موضوع می تواند روی سئوی وب سایت شما تاثیرگذار باشد.
Top 10 Reasons You Need to Move Your Business to the Cloud
Most enterprises have been shifted to the Cloud as it has become a significant buzzword in the business world. Recent studies have found that over 60% of enterprises will be moved to the cloud platform by the end of this year. Cloud systems ensure you make use of computer services on the internet. Apart from this feature, it’s been used as a platform for storing and protecting your company’s asset-related data with the asset management cloud. If you are still confused on whether you should move your business to the Cloud or not, we have listed down some of the reasons which will let you know the benefits of shifting your business to the Cloud platform. Reasons You Need to Move Your Business to the Cloud 1- Cost Management To save tons of data, storage devices such as external hard drives prove to be a costly affair. A company needs to set up private storing servers and devices, which costs a lot for the enterprise. Cloud storage services are easy to use and cost-effective. You can choose from different plans suitable for your firm and this way you can save a lot of money. 2- Secured Platform No matter what kind of business you run, data security is essential for the enterprise to keep all the essential data secured. Cloud software services come with extra layers of protection with password and encryption options that keep the stored data safe and secured. 3- Easy Integration Cloud software services integrate with other software. These software systems have become more advanced as it allows the users to add additional functions as per their requirements with the help of add-ons. You can improve the overall functionality with easy integration. 4- Fully collaborative structure Unlike manual storage systems, Cloud software systems let multiple professionals access the storage files, documents, and other vital data with proper access. You can share your business models and other data with other professionals. This way, you can develop healthy relationships with other businesses. 5- Accuracy of data With time, physical storage systems and devices start creating junk and duplicate files, occupying storage space unnecessarily. When you shift to online databases with the help of Cloud systems, you can have better accuracy of the stored data. It lets you and your employees access and locate the desired files from the databases quickly. 6- Easy Navigation Cloud storage systems come with a built-in navigation system for the users. An admin and other employees can quickly navigate different files and easily access them without wasting their precious time. Employees can also make proper changes to the existing data by easy navigation. 7- Flexibility Since Cloud storage systems store all of your business and company’s data over the cloud, it doesn’t require you to have a backup of your data on the physical devices. You and your employees can have the flexibility of accessing the entire databases of your firm. You don’t need to be present in the office. With proper access, anyone can easily access the data and can make a change to the databases. 8- Better Management of Data Cloud software systems let you organize your databases with proper management. You can create different folders and files and can save them accordingly. You don’t need to hire a data manager as the decent UI lets you take complete control of your databases efficiently. You can manage and organize the databases easily with the asset management cloud within the cloud storage system. 9- Instant Back-up With reliable Cloud storage systems, you can instantly take a backup of tons of your data. In a competitive world, the suppliers of Cloud storage software offer a set of options that lets you take backup of your company’s essential data. It also gives you an opportunity for auto backup, which saves and stores data automatically over the cloud. 10- Regular Updates To receive new features and functions, Cloud storage software needs to update regularly. The advanced Cloud storage software updates itself, and it doesn’t require any manual updating. You’ll get a set of new features with every single update released by the developers who don’t charge extra money.
How Do I Build the Best but Cheapest Gaming Computer?
One that offers decent gaming performance in current titles should be a cost-effective gaming machine (PC) and will last you a few years before you think about upgrading. This will translate into a gaming PC that will now provide gaming experience with a high frame rate of 1080p and will provide playable gaming experience in the next 3-4 years. Since the gaming industry is heading toward 4 K gaming, even for a budget-oriented PC, a decent 1080p gaming experience should not be a concern. Given that we have chosen a slightly lower display resolution, both the GTX1060 and RX580 are decent low-cost GPU choices. A more future proof option will be GTX1070 or Vega56 if your budget allows it. All current titles can be run by a quad-core CPU, so a Ryzen 3 1500X or I3 8350 is a decent budget-oriented option, while Ryzen 2600X or i5 8400 are more future-proof choices Ram memory prices have dropped a bit, so depending on your budget, you can choose to get either 8 GB or 16 GB. For Ryzen, I must note that you should get at least 2933MHz certified memory, while the 2600MHz RAM modules are good enough for gaming with Intel. You can choose a cheap motherboard to be cost efficient, but I would prefer one with Intel Ethernet and a newer audio solution like Realtek 1220 because you are gaming. A marginally better network response than cheap network adapters is offered by Intel Ethernet, and the only better alternative is a Killer Ethernet adapter. For instance, an Asus Strix B350-F is a budget option for Ryzen 2600X that can provide the above features but is relatively cheap because it is being replaced by B450.0. Being cost-effective means that your case can bypass fancy led lighting, so having airflow is one important thing. For optimum airflow, get one that has a 12 cm fan in front and at the back, while the PSU is on the bottom of the case. Finally, cost-effective means you may want to miss getting an SSD, but I highly recommend that you (and maybe one or two games) get at least 256 GB SATA SSD for the machine. Beware, for maximum efficiency, have at least 20 percent of the SSD empty. Those with slightly deeper pockets can choose an NVME M.2 512GB SSD with a 2TB hard drive configuration. For hardcore gaming, laptop computers are not really suitable. Since their hardware is restricted to thermal and power requirements, they typically have variants of clocked desktop hardware. If possible, avoid buying a gaming laptop.
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