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With the hundreds of thousands of social media pages for businesses, how is your brand supposed to come up in a Google search? Here are a few tips from SproutSocial that can help your optimize your company's Facebook page for search engines. Some of these may seem like just common sense, but you'd be amazed how the tiniest changes make the biggest impact. 1. Use Page Settings to Your Advantage It might seem obvious to have your FB Page URL match your brand name, but this little step is often overlooked. If you’re unable to use your entire brand name, choose a memorable keyword related to your brand. This helps search engines know more of what your page is about to help them relate your site to searches. That said, regardless of your URL, your FB Page name should be your brand name and nothing else. Don’t add in extra keywords or text. 2. Complete Your 'About' Section Make sure that the About section on your Page is filled out entirely. Write an informative and descriptive message that shows off the best of your brand. While you should include a few keywords that you’d like to be found for, don’t overload this section. Google now looks for more natural language as opposed to keywords and repeated phrases. And if you’re a local business, make sure that your physical address is complete and accurate. 3. Share High Quality Content This one really goes without saying. Sharing high quality content can help you on a number of levels, but especially when it comes to SEO. Obviously content that demonstrates a high degree of credibility and relevancy will rank higher than results that don’t. Social actions specific to Facebook — including Likes, shares, and comments — can impact those metrics, in turn influencing your rank among search results. Focus first and foremost on delivering content that there’s a need for. From there, things will fall into place.
I need to go back and make sure my professional FBs are a bit more thorough now! Great advice!
Basics but important! thanks @caricakes
this is really helpful, thank you @caricakes