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Community managers have to find the happy medium between sharing their own personalities (because, let's face it, community managers have GREAT personalities) and representing their brand. Because the majority of our time is spent working directly with people, we face complaints, questions, and suggestions all day long. It takes a particular kind of person to handle this day in and day out. Here are 5 traits that can make any community manager more successful: 1. Empathy We are dealing with human beings with feelings, opinions, and questions. Understanding these feelings is invaluable! “The best community managers, in my experience, have a deep fondness for uniqueness and eccentricity in other human beings” said Jelena Woehr, who’s is the director of community at GOOD. 2. Communication This isn't about being a fantastic writer, you just need to learn the community's lingo. Tim McDonald, Director of Community at Huffington Post explains, “when you speak the language of those you are delivering the message to, you have gained the opportunity to be heard.” 3. Passion When you’re talking about a product your whole work day, you had better be jazzed about it. Along with communication and empathy, you need to understand the users' passion for your brand. 4. Thick Skin As community manager, you’ll often be the first to hear your community’s ‘constructive criticisms’. The internet is a tough place, so you'll get your fair share of nasty interactions. You just have to fix the situation as best as you can and keep your chin up. Not always the easiest task. 5. Creativity Your job is to give your brand a personality, and that personality ought to be unique. Make your community stand out from the crowd-- and make other people want in! This also comes in the form of flexibility. You need to be able to take a set-back or change of plans and run with it. Don't let anything stop you!
It's getting to a point where EVERYONE on the internet needs thick skin :/
these are great tips thank you @caricakes!!!