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Q: Getting Line Snags from Shore?
Now that fall is here, and the bass in my area are starting to hit more on lures, and since I've studied up a bit I've been doing a lot more shore fishing (you can learn more about what I learned here: http://www.vingle.net/posts/502404-5-Bass-Lures-for-Bank-Fishing) Do any of you guys have some tips to help me from getting snagged so often? I've definitely lost almost $40 worth of lipless crankbaits, spinner baits, etc. in the last week. Do lure retrievers work from shore very well? I plan on maybe getting a kayak soon (you have @yakwithalan to thank for that) so I should be able to save my lures easier and won't have to deal with this so often, but until then are there any tips out there for this?
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my two main tips would be to make sure you are moving fast enough and keeping the rod tip up When you are trying to loosen A hang up
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@fallingwater I'm going to have to agree with @mcgraffy the biggest problem I see people encountering is not keeping their tip up when reeling and when trying to untangle form a snag, if you let it drop and pull chances are you're gonna lodge it in there any deeper!
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I'd also say bending your hook tips in can help with this a bit; you'll still land your big bites but you won't have to deal with as many hang ups, at least not in my experiences
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@mcgraffy @dougjohnson @yakwithalan Thanks everyone!! I'll see if these tips help a bit. I thought that i've been moving fast enough but maybe not, and I had no idea you could bend hook tips. Looking into that.
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