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I may be too much of a wimp to watch American Horror Story myself, but it looks like the premiere of the latest season “Freak Show” has gone off with one hell of a bang! There’s some mixed feelings about how this latest season will go, the general consensus among fans being that the writing has been deteriorating after the show’s strong first season. One critic commented on the Freak Show theme that “freaks” just aren’t that scary to modern audiences so the gimmick of this season may not be well received. It sounds though like AHS creators aren’t holding anything back this season though, with straight up vicious murder being on the menu from the get-go! What does that mean? Well let's get into some gorey details about the premiere episode and what this season has in store. If you haven't watched it yet, now may be the time to skip to the comments and leave your thoughts about what you're excited and hopeful to see this season! * * * The Swamp Clown It’s what everyone’s talking about and to me it sounds utterly terrifying, though as of now not connected with the rest of the characters, though it’s possible he’s a former member of the freaky family. He’s living down in a van by the river, where he takes his victims to entertain them with balloon animals that only serve to scare them more. Two-Headed Lady Dot and Bette played by the fabulous Sarah Paulson, the conjoined twins with a dark past. It’s revealed on the show that Bette murdered her and Dot’s mother leading them to join the freak show. According to AHS creator Ryan Murphy Bette may also have murderous intent for her other half, which would have fatal consequences for herself as well! Even though I’m not watching I’m excited to hear more as the season progresses. If you watched the premiere share your thoughts in the comments below!
@pixiedust Either way, I like having an idea of what has happened (I'm the type to catch up on side series before I even am willing to continue a main series!)
Do you have to watch the first season to understand the story of this new one because I know it's an anthology series
I can't believe I missed the first episode, ugh. I need to up my game!
I can't wait to watch this. I'll have to watch it with a friend though because I'm always looking over my shoulders when I watch AHS alone!!
I'm still not anywhete near caught up enough to watch yet :(
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