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One thing a lot of people ask me when they find out that I'm Kayak fishing in the fall is: don't you get cold? The honest answer is "No," and that's because I have invested in a few key things to keep me warm. Now, this is going to be different depending on how cold your waters get in the fall, but what I always say is to dress for the water, not for the air! - Wear some breathable chest waders and layer up underneath. If you're up north, maybe go with neoprene, In the south, the light goretex should do the trick. - Wear some kind of splash jacket with neoprene cuffs on top. - If you're going to be in bitter cold, ocean waters, then dress for the worst case scenario, which would be falling into the cold water. For that you should ideally be wearing a drysuit. Kokatat has some semi-drysuit options in the range of $500 - $700, with a neoprene neck rather than a latex neck gasket that will keep you warm and dry long enough to do a self-rescue, and they keep you nice and warm from having cold water splashed on you while paddling.It should be noted that you wear regular clothing such as fleece sweaters and underarmour underneath a drysuit, as it doesn't have any inherent insulation value on its own. And there you have it! When I fish on inshore reservoirs all winter, I wear TONS of layers and breathable waders, and I haven't had a problem yet.
@fallingwater Yeah I don't usually worry about getting wet in my boat but after getting soaked once I'm a bit more cautious...you never know what's gonna happen
Since I only shore fish I'm not used to worrying about getting wet....that really changes everything.
@dougjohnson It can get pretty cold; thanks buddy. You stay warm too!
These are good tips!! I go with good waders and warm layers even when I'm gonna stay much more dry in a boat. Can't imagine how cold it can get in the mornings in a kayak; stay warm @yakwithalan