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ESPN's Week 6 NFL Power Rankings
Do you agree or disagree with their rankings?
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I am not sure that the Patriots should be 11th though... they have a ton of holes, and 1 good game does not erase 4 sub-par games
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@goyo Which 3-2 team would you put over them? They all have their holes and with Gronkowski back at full strength now it seems justifiable.
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@eightynine while i myself am a Vikings fan, I think that the lions are really going to get stronger as the season continues...
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@goyo Well I guess it depends on how long Megatron will be out. Guess we have to see how their offense responds.
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I think you have to switch the Cowboys and Eagles. Eagles O-line has been terrible and you have to think opponents will figure out that O sometime. Really look forward to their matchup this season!
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