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One of my favorite potluck and small gathering dish is pizza. They are so easy to make and it is so fun to share. Also, depending on your toppings, pizza can be nutritious. Enough said, if you are the type of person that loves bringing your homemade dish to impress the crowd. This eggplant pomegranate pizza will do it. Scroll through the image for recipe!
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I couldn't bring this to a potluck, I wouldn't want to share this!
eggplant pizza is awesome, but would the pomegranate seeds be too crunchy?
Sounds wonderful! I never would have thought to use pomegranate for something savory but I think the tartness would be delicious!
@somnia Yes, but I like it crunchy. Plus, I like the juice from the seeds.
@stargaze well I've got to at least try it, just once to see what it's like because I really can't imagine it so maybe it's awesome!