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Regarding my previous card ( where RDJ announced on Ellen that Iron Man 4 was a GO, apparently now it’s NOT a go. RDJ went on the Letterman show later after making the announcement on Ellen and retracted his statement saying that there weren’t any plans for an Iron Man 4 but he will be involved with other Marvel projects. Now I’m not gonna get upset about this and I’ll tell you why: We all know that the reason RDJ was cast as Iron Man is because he’s actually legitimately Tony Stark, and what would happen if Tony announced something was a sure thing when it wasn’t? Pepper would yell at him! Which is exactly what I’m sure happened here. RDJ probably announced on Ellen, got yelled at by one of his managers with Marvel, and then was told to be sure to clarify his statements on Letterman. What does that mean? It means that Iron Man 4 is definitely happening but no one can confirm it because there isn’t a script and Marvel’s focus is on other movies for the moment. There’s no way they’re gonna pass on the opportunity to make another few million on another Iron Man movie, but until there’s a solid plan we’re not going to get a solid YES on it.