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Bigbang’s Daesung has unveiled a music video (MV) for the Japanese version of his 2008′s popular trot song, “Look at Me, Gwisun”. On the MV that uploaded in Bigbang’s official YouTube channel on October 8, Daesung hilariously acted as a charming singer on TV and a geeky young man. Groupmate G-Dragon who wrote the lyric for the song’s original version, also made a short appearance in the video! Read more: Follow us on Twitter for the latest update of your K-Pop idol!
Yessss. I love this video! This song is SO old now, but I still think it's so great. Daesung's so good at trot!
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that was to best oh my goodness I just can't even I love Daesung so much I just can't find words my mood just hit the roof and I was dancing along the hole time ^-^
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