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Best selling author and all around awesome nerd Neil Gaiman got an interesting question on this tumblr about which writer for Doctor Who he would most like to hug. His answer? All of the female writers (since 2008)! Except... there haven't been any female writers for new Doctor Who.... So then... That's right, Neil Gaiman just called out Doctor Who for their lack of equal representation among their writers. SNAP! It's something that I don't tend to notice, maybe because the lack of female representation in media jobs like writing, directing, and producing isn't like highlighted enough? But it's a really important issue though, and tbh now that I know I can't NOT think about it and how weird it is. Doctor Who is actually kind of famous for having guest writers on the show alot so the fact that none of the prominent writers, and NONE of the guest writers on the newer seasons have been women? That's weird! and definitely worth calling out! Four for you Gaiman, and maybe some more ladies behind the scenes on DW! You can see Gaiman's post here ->
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I'm so glad he called them out. I loved Who but eventually my passion for it dwindled, in part because I didn't feel like the female characters were being given as much respect or care in the way their stories unfolded (The Marriage of River Song was the last straw for me). I really enjoyed the episode that Gaiman wrote and he's such a well respected writer, maybe his comment will trickle back to the showrunners?