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It's the story about the china rabbit who goes through the way to the 'true love' I bought this book because of its inexpensive price as well as 1plus1 including a Korean version and an English version. and one more word "It was on the Korean soap opera which has been popular in many asian countries." Personally I prefer to read the one written in English thanks to fabulous illustrations and an easy context to understand. I think there is nothing more touching than the original edition. Although I have read the Korean one after finishing the one in English, the touch from the original ver. is still in my mind. Through a variety of harsh experience, Mr. Tulane, a china rabbit, has been being hurt and broken. Also, he comes to realize he is loving someone, but sad endings he faces make him refuse to accept the LOVE. However, the hurt and suffering seem to give him bigger love and happiness. "Open your heart," she said gently. "Someone will come. Someone will come for you. But first you must open your heart." The door closed. The sunlight disappeared. Someone will come. Edward's heart stirred. He thought, for the first time in a long time, of the house on Egypt Street and of Abilene winding his watch and then bending toward him and placing it on his left leg, saying : I will come home to you. No, no, he told himself. Don't believe it. Don't let yourself believe it. But it was too late. Someone will comm for you. The china rabbit's heart had begun, again, to open. The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane written by Kate Dicamillo irrustrates by Bagram Ibatoulline BIR publishing 한글판 비룡소 출판사 김경미 It is written both in Korean and in English. I try to write this in a grammatically right order , in order to practice writting essay. However it might have some terrible errors. if someone finds some error, please feel free to leave comments of it nicely. it definitely helps my English skill, I believe.
@hikaymm I think you're right. I usually use the online bookstore named This has many kinds of books from for kids to those for professionals. I hope you are enjoying being in Korea and improve your Korean. : ) @pixiedust Yes, this is a fabulous book, and becomes one of my favorite books now. But what I worry about is whether or not I expressed what I intended and felt because of my poor English skill.
@SukRangLee I'll check yes24, thanks! I hope to keep learning more. Good luck on your journey with English as well :)
This sounds like a beautiful story, I might even say a fairy tale. Thank you for including your personal thoughts on the story as well as the excerpt, it helps give a really good idea of what the story is like.
@SukRangLee I actually am in Korea, so that's awesome! Thanks. I'll have to look for some. For those not in Korea, I bet they could find them through some online book sellers, though it is less common to find them on English sites and more common to find them on Korean sites, I think.
@hikaymm I think so, too. And I'm not sure if you're in Korea or not. But in Korea, there are several genres of books which are bilingual. I hope you could find the kind of books easily. Good luck to you.
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