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follow the link.. and watch the video!! bts of the kiss scene During the special feature, behind the scenes footage of Seo In Guk and Eunji’s first kiss by the water faucets was revealed. The clip revealed Seo In Guk exercising busily for the upper body scene, while Eunji was seen gargling with mouthwash after receiving Seo In Guk’s request. After filming the scene, the two sat down to video chat with Eunji’s mother. Seo In Guk started the conversation with, “Hello mother. I’m Seo In Guk.” Eunji chimed in saying, “Mom, I just shot a kiss scene with this kid” to which Seo In Guk wittily added, “I will take care of the wedding preparations.” Actor Lee Si Eun who was also present at the scene stated, “Call her mother-in-law” to which Seo In Guk complied and stated, “Mother-in-law, I will come by soon to say hello.” cr: