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Continued from my Romantic Ways to Celebrate card (http://www.vingle.net/posts/519677) here are some more date ideas for you and your special someone. Gym skipping day. ● Sometimes you just need to be lazy and relax, even if you love working out and staying healthy, we all need a little down time to recharge. Why not share a gym skip day with your partner, you can watch a movie, eat something unhealthy, and lazing around is always more fun when you’ve got someone to snuggle! You remembered you have a coupon and it expires tomorrow. ● You absolutely must use this coupon, no ifs, ands, or buts. It must be used and it’s even better if it’s for something off the wall that you’ve never done together like laster tag or bowling. It’ll be an adventure and you’re being thrifty! You made up fake plans to get out of making plans with someone else. ● It’s not that you don’t like your colleagues, but you’ve just spent 40 hours with them in the last five days and you’re ready for a change of scenery. Instead of being rude, you make up preexisting plans with your sweetie. Why not use that excuse as a reason to make those plans a reality! Spontaneous and (mostly) truthful! The first and/or last day of a new month. ● It’s a great way to touch base on a regular basis and you can keep it seasonal. April or May? Enjoy the oncoming spring with a trip to a botanical garden. June or July? Hit the beach? September and October are great for apple picking! December? Holiday shopping! There’s a world of options, play around with it! Celebrate the one-week anniversary of the time you said you need to plan a date night. ● You’ve both been so busy with work that last week you actually talked about how you really need to plan a date sometime soon. Well exactly seven days later is the perfect time to make that conversation a reality!