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Everyone dreams of a fairy tale wedding, well now you can get one step closer with this gorgeous Elsa inspired wedding dress designed by Disney designer Alfred Angelo. The design is breathtaking and truly an honorary tribute to the icy queen of Arendell, while also being Angelo’s own unique design. This dress is a part of the 2015 Disney Fairy Tale Weddings bridal collection by Alfred Angelo will be available in January at Alfred Angelo stores in the U.S. and specialty retailers worldwide. As for the other dresses in the collection? Angelo has also designed a ruby dress for Snow White, a pale blue for Cinderella, and a stunning rich purple for Jasmine. It’s a good thing my guy and I have already tied the knot because there is no way I could ever afford one of these, and absolutely no way I would concoct some scheme to at least try one on! The designs are absolutely gorgeous, and evoke the magic of love and fairy tales in a way that only Disney can do.