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For anyone who missed the news (or my card on the subject Marvel’s latest incarnation of the bad ass Norse god will be a woman, and she’s finally making her video game debut in Marvel’s free to play Marvel Puzzle Quest (available on PC, iOS, and Android). I would give you guys more of an idea of the game but I haven’t actually played it. What I can tell you is the Goddess of Thunder will be a four-star character reward and she’s being introduced to celebrate Marvel Puzzle Quest’s one year anniversary (aww!). I’m kinda just thrilled with EVERYTHING to do with New Thor, because it’s a huge step for Marvel and imo they’re handling the situation really well. Sure some backwards fans are being jerk about it, but Marvel’s stance is just “She’s Thor, end of discussion.” There’s nothing about the character that makes it gendered so why should it be? It’s awesome as a girl comic nerd and the fact that they’re going whole haul and tossing her into their properties to me shows a real acceptance that this is the canon now.