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It's October, which means marathoning scary anime in the dark! :D These are my top 5 horror anime~ What are some of your favorites? I need more to watch lol >w< 1) Corpse Party This one is soooo gory o-o it gave me nightmares XD 2) Elfen Lied I didn't even know this anime was scary when I started watching it >.< the first five minutes were a huge shock XDDD 3) Another I LOVE THIS ANIME~ so much death >w< 4) Mirai Nikki YUUUKIIII~ I like Mirai Nikki not only because it's scary but because it has YUNO! <3 5) Higurashi This is the least scary on this list but it also made me unable to sleep at night heehee X3 also, more yanderes <3
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Hmm yeah
2 years ago·Reply
what happened to Gantz?
2 years ago·Reply
I seen first 2 and last one
2 years ago·Reply
Gantz is more along survival genre then horror.
2 years ago·Reply
@astigea well yea, got a point.
2 years ago·Reply