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One of my favorite things about art is how much fun it can be mixing the creative process with commentary about the quirkier aspects of popular culture. Needless to say, once I watched "Chit Chat Roulette" by German-bred, London-based David Lüpschen, I was completely obsessed with his revamp of a good old-fashioned puppet show. I'd imagine this is what "Peewee's Playhouse" would have been like in the time of the Internet. Also, check out the attached 'behind the scenes' stills. I'm still trying to figure out if this is an art studio or yet another awesome party I wasn't invited to. (Sad trombone.)
This is hilarious! I love that their mouths actually move hahaha
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I almost forgot about Chat Roulette, this is so funny!!
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@Nisfit I know, even those balloon guys!
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@flytothemoon The block girl is my favorite. "He was a proper Rubik's Cube."
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