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This week, Haruki Murakami shared a new short story with the New Yorker titled 'Scheherazade.' The story revolves around a house-ridden man named Habara, probably a hikikomori, who is assigned a care taker whose name we never come to learn. She takes care of his general needs, but her main role is to tell Habara long, enticing stories. Like Scheherazade of the Arabian Nights, this woman leaves Habara each night with a cliff hanger, promising to finish the story again next time. The short story is classic Murakami, which many people complained was missing from his latest book, Tsukuru Tasaki. It is an interesting read featuring sea creatures, burglars, and grocery shopping. Definitely a good, quick read for an Murakami fan. I attached an interview with Murakami about the piece. Read the full story here:
I can't wait to read it!
This reminds me of stories from Blind Willow. Thank you for sharing this.