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SprudgeLive, launched by Sprudge Coffee News and Culture, aims to provide coffee lovers around the world with the most recent coffee competition coverage, in a highly visual layout! If you, like me, have been interested in entering the world of coffee competition as either a viewer or maybe future participant, but found it difficult to keep up with and find news about competitions as they are occurring, that shouldn't be problem anymore. SprudgeLive began the same day as their coverage of the 2015 United States Barista Championship, and they will be covering the entirety of the United States regional and national barista competitions, the World Barista Championship, and multiple competitions from the World Coffee Events portfolio, including World Latte Art, World Coffee In Good Spirits, and the World Cup Tasters Championship. Sound too good to be true? Well, it's not. They aim to include photos of every competition, routine recaps, links, and Tweets that act as a sort of play-by-play, which you can follow by following their account at @SprudgeLive on Twitter. While the website is still in beta mode, there have already been some exciting updates that bring the joy of coffee competitions to those who aren't able to be there themselves: check it out!
@onesmile It totally depends on the competition!! Some test unique drinks, some test basic roasting or a specific making technique. It just depends on the competition!
@hikaymm That's awesome! Looking forward to see what coverage you can share with us in this collection :) Following!
Forgive my question, but what exactly is tested at a coffee competition? @hikaymm
@ryantadman I'm pretty new to it all as well; hopefully we can learn a lot! @caricakes If only!!! @nokcha I think we would all qualify for that one :)
World Cup Tasters Championship? I'm great at tasting coffee!
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