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Having an idea and building your company is only a small step in creating a successful start up. Now that your brand is on its (wobbly) feet, its time to start running. That's where social media comes in. Here are four things to think about as you build up your startup’s social media presence: 1. Create awareness So you've created an awesome brand with an even more amazing product, but no one knows about it. How do we get your name out there? Facebook! Twitter! Instagram! Snapchat! The list goes on and on. Getting your name out there is so much more than just finding customers. Being able to tell potential investors that your brand has a solid social media presence is impressive. 2. Spread the word faster Start up culture is fast paced, but social media is faster. Staying up to date on everything via social media keeps your brand in the know and relevant. It also lets you share news with your audience at light-speed. This includes sharing great content, joining in on topical conversations, and constantly engaging with your fans and followers. 3. Cultivate relationships Every brand has a personality, and social media is the best place to showcase that. You'll be interacting with actual humans (imagine that!) so your brand's personality will be building relationships, creating evangelists, and solving problems left and right. Social media is immediate, so you'll be communicating with your customers real-time, creating a trust system and potential life-long leads! 4. Crisis control The immediacy of social media has changed how people are interacting with brands. Your brand's reputation heavily rides on how you respond and address customer complaints. Have a crisis plan and respond ASAP to any problems. Your brand depends on it.
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It's often the personality of a company's Twitter or Facebook that gets my more into the product. I don't even like Taco Bell but their Twitter is so hilarious that I love the company haha