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First love The reason why we think love is beautiful is not because people we first loved were actually handsome, or pretty It's because we were unconditional, innocent, or a bit stupid at the time of first love And because... And because we know that we can never go back to young, passionate time of our days First love is a bit crash Without any calculation, we throw ourselves with passion and finally come to face failure But it is at the same time dramatic It comes with inexplicable feelings that we never get to experience again So first love becomes the most dramatic moment of our lives It's okay to fail Tragic stories stays longer than 'happily ever after' It's nice to have that wonderful story as one chapter of one's life First love is a period of time It never comes back If the next love comes, times has to yield for that new love It might no be as innocent as the first love, but it would be a little more mature, due to the pain suffered with the first love A person who dreams of love, is the one who waits And a person who waits can recognize the love when it comes near him After the romance, the real life comes in Innocence gets dirty, passion gets cold, and youth gets old with cleverness So first love becomes part of one's exhausted daily life That's why first love looks like it can't be accomplished Because no one talks about a successful romance with first loves Thus, it's okay to be like this Even though, there isn't a tragic drama in my life But there is a familiarity like an old sweater And if it gets tired, there is an excitement to reopen it
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