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In another life, I would love to be an architect. Creating amazing sights for people to live, work, shop, and eat in seems like a incredible job. These architects have gone above-and-beyond to create some of the most interesting pieces of architecture I've ever seen! I have included five of my favorites, but you can see the entire list through the link I provided. 1. The Crooked House This “house” in Sopot, Poland is not actually a home, it’s a shopping center. Inspired by the work of an illustrator for children’s books, the building features uniquely distorted inner and outer walls, and attracts tourists from all over the world. 2. The Barcode Building The four-story building in St. Petersburg, Russia, is located in a busy shopping district. 3. The Blue Building This building in Rotterdam, a city in the Netherlands, used to be quite unimpressive. The city planned to demolish it and turn it into something new. They decided to give a local art firm a chance to redeem the building until then. Until new plans are made for it, it will remain a very strikingly blue icon of the city. 4. Kansas City, Missouri Library This building, made to appear like a single shelf of books, leaves passersby no questions about what may be found inside. The library, located in Kansas City, Missouri (USA), features along its outside walls, several books considered to be the classics, the works of great authors of history such as Plato, Mark Twain, J.R.R. Tolkien, Willa Cather, and Ray Bradbury. 5. Seven-Story Tree House Most people wouldn’t dream that a treehouse like this one in Traver, California would exist in real life. The seven-story house looks like something you might see in a children’s book. The building is on the property of Bravo Farms, and also includes a bar and a café.
@danidee book the trip. let's all go. the blue building is my favorite because it's so shocking. with as much money as it takes to create and build, you'd think they could at least throw in another million bucks to make it look awesome.
wow trippy
I love these. I want to visit every single one. Let's pretend that's not entirely unrealistic.
So kooky. I'd love some cool buildings like this near me.
The crooked house doesn't even look real!
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