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Heidegger in the Kitchen
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In this short from Alain de Botton’s School of Life, we can learn about the ideas that Martin Heidegger had regarding his thoughts on death. In what Maria Popova at Brain Pickings calls an “imaginative video essay”—de Botton again engages with Heidegger’s thought, this time distilling the difficult German philosopher’s concept of “Being” (das sein) to its essence. And while Botton's German could use some work, the explanation of Heidegger's desire to "wake us up to the idea that we are surround by death," is pretty interesting. Heidegger sought to encourage moments of insight into the mysterious unity and beauty of life. In these moments, he thought, we might learn “to recognize our kinship with all living things and with the Earth itself.” What do you think?
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