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The Playful Foxes of the Badlands

Here's a wonderful video about the elusive focuses of the Badlands of South Dakota! Photographer Mike Forsberg spent weeks and months hiding in his tent, waiting patiently for the opportunity to finally capture these little guys on film.These creatures are shy, and difficult to get close to, and capturing them on film tests Mike's patience for sure. But when he finally get a chance to watch them in their natural habitat, the results are definitely worth the wait!! An excerpt from his field notes: -Conata Basin, Buffalo Gap National Grassland, South Dakota. Agate west and Agate hillside den sites 6­-21-­2011 -5:00 am. Summer solstice. Rain and no sunrise. Winds out of the north 20 mph and gusty. No foxes up and no movement on the prairie dog town minus a few horned larks shuffling in grass. Their calls sound like the tinkling of little bells. A lone pronghorn doe that bedded down overnight on the p-dog town is facing south chewing her cud. -8:30 am. Rain stopped but winds continue. No foxes. -11:00 am. No foxes. -1:30 pm. Still no foxes… -4:00 pm. Finally. A fox pup pokes its head out of the den and looks my way. A time consuming journey, for sure, but the end result is well worth it!
Is it sad that I didn't even know we had wild foxes like this in America? They're adorable!
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