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Really awesome partial history of the DC super heroine Wonder Woman. I say partial because (as the video mentions) WW’s been around since the 40s and is one of the major DC heroes so trying to get through her entire history in a short video is really hard. I really love this because frankly I really love WW! She’s an awesome hero and the fact that she’s just as important and respected in the comic world as Superman and Batman really says a lot. Not getting into the various issues of sexism in comics because that’s really a whole nother issue, I think most people get that it IS an issue in general. The main heroes people think of are usually guys and in superhero stories not only are the guys the main characters, but woman fall into all kinds of stereotypes and it’s all just kinda gross. WW is different. She was created as a sort of reaction to the popularity of Batman, Superman, and Captain America during the 40s and has helped influence how heroes and comics are thought about and made since then. She’s a founding member of the Justice League and she can even beat Superman!!! Speaking of Kal'El what I will tell you is the video has a positive take on Wonder Woman being romantically involved with Superman which I cannot disagree with more, seriously it’s one of the stupidest parts of the New 52 verse and if I’m being honest I kind of hate it. Not because it’s so bad or wrong or whatever, it is but it’s also really lazy. To me WW and Superman are a lot more interesting and better as friends, the ultimate trio (WW, Superma, and Batsy) and making them romantic is just kind of… thrown in so that there could be a romance instead of a friendship. Lazy. Overall though this video is a really cool brief history of WW and why she’s AHmazing so you should check it out! AS A NOTE the video goes into some weird add stuff at about the 7:30 mark, anything you want is before that.
@EightyNine so many different people have talk about making the movie, and there have even been scripts, but they keep just not being able to make it happen. At least there's the animated movies you can enjoy!
Used to watch the tv show when I was young. Wonder when they will finally make a movie
Wonder Woman was always my favorite. Every girl should have an invisible jet.
I was in love with Linda Carter when I was a kid :D
@danidee hell yeah!!! Batman may be my favorite hero, but WW could kick his butt any day and I would cheer for her lol