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Sounds like I’m not the only one totally loving The Flash, Rotten Tomatoe’s has given the first season (all one episode of it XD ) a 96% with an audience rating of 94%. And just for comparison Arrow season one has an 86% and an audience rating of 90%. The rating for Flash will probably go down a bit but it’s still a really strong start to the show. What’s so great about it? Personally I think the way the creators started the show, first by introducing some of the characters on Arrow first both to see how interested audiences would be in a Flash series (the answer was obvious but you can’t blame them for checking lol) and also to stir up hype for the eventual premiere. The other thing that helps that Scott Tremper points out is they have the opportunity to look at what didn’t work on Arrow and fix it for Flash, so it has both a stronger start and also just more experience to draw from. Some things Flash is improving with Arrows experience are the introduction of characters and establishing early who knows Barry Alan is the Flash. A gripe among fans with Arrow was it takes a really long time for anyone to find out Ollie is “The Hood” — he’s Green Arrow and I refuse to call him otherwise T^T With Flash Barry already has a team set up so there’s characters that know his secret identity from the get-go meaning less screen time has to be given to A) building said team, because no hero can fight crime by themselves B) the inevitable “omg it was YOU?!” Yeah there’s still going to be characters who find out along the way but this was Barry at least has folks in his corner from episode one. Another thing that gives Flash an advantage is Arrow eased into more comic book-y powers gradually. Ollie himself doesn’t have powers and didn’t even use special items at first, that came a lot later as did characters with enhanced strength or people rising from the dead. Flash on the other hand is entirely powers based, but the writers had a better idea of how to introduce powers like that (both for Barry and for villains) from the start so, again, you aren’t waiting for things to get real, they start real from the first episode. All in all I loved the premiere of Flash and so did everyone else! If you watched it yourself let me know what you thought in the comments and if you didn’t you should check it out!
@ugsi yeah I can understand that, I don't think I can even pick a fave right now lol they're just all awesome!
@AgentCory I am watching,but I honesty don't know,their all awesome for me because their fun to watch
@pixiedust oh I didn't even think about that, I've never seen Buffy somehow, I really should but yeah. so it was more common to do that kind of one show leading into another before? huh, well it makes sense if it worked then to try that sort of thing again.
That's a really positive review, congratulations Flash! It is very likely to drop and even out as the show keeps going but it's still an accomplishment. The way the creators progressed from one show to the next seems very old school to me (Buffy to Angel for example) and it seems both nostalgic and very smart. I hope it continues to work out for them!
@ugsi oh awesome, I really like Flashpoint Paradox but yeah I agree comic book hero stuff is awesome c: what's your favorite show so far of the current ones (if you're watching others)?
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