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Every passing day, Every fleeting moment, I wish for a star , A star that marks my destiny. Days have gone, Seasons have passed, My ambitions have wilted, And temptations beckon... ..beckon for my resignation, But my hopes still soar. My life is ebbing, My vision obscure, I strain for a last glimpse Of my star to be, But none i see. Last breath drawn, And with dust i am, A tear drops on the epitaph, And wets the words, "Herein lieth a shining star".
I really like this, but I also feel like there's so much more you wanted to say! Really cool @Alexkeem
thank you @timetunerjones
First, you wish for a star, but in the final lines, the star "herein lieth a shining star." I have to ask, are they the same star? @Alexkeem
@greggr its the same.
@Alexkeem Great--amazing visualization.