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Of titles and designations; of grandiose aggrandizement that dupe the wise and fool alike into indentured servitude; of illusory powers to yoke others and mete out punishment on breach of codes of conduct; of visions & missions crammed and recited like a sing-song; of cheers at month-end when the zeros stream-in; of pursuit of ‘papers’ & seeking promotions in dens of bondage; of abdicating self-reliance, inner-strength, self-belief for subservience & boot-licking; of tolerance to the vicious cycle of monotony; of 4-walls which suffocate ambition and free-will; of tick-tock of clock and repetitive cycle of toil…..and an ignored inner voice that shouts….wake up!
@Alexkeem This might be one of the longest sentences I have read in a long time; that being said, it was also one of the most enjoyable!
There are so many bits in this I could point out that really bring a strong visual image to mind, like "in dens of bondage." It gives me the chills, and makes me want to run from corporations forever....