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I met this lady, Daisy On a subway to Maisy She had this scent so fruity And a coy smile so flirty But her vibe was so naughty She whispered something kinky “Do you want to see my Panty?” The pink lacy garb was rather dandy “Don’t be such a pansy!” “Touch and be not guilty” I chocked feeling a bit giddy At the thought of petting miss pretty “Oh well, you so slow n silly…” “Let me dash off to that Boy there Billy” “Perhaps his tools might come in handy” In a huff she left, swaying her swanky fanny I just stood there, drooling like a dummy!
Lol this made me laugh XD
Woahh she whispered something kinky in dead; i like the rhymes!
@Alexkeem We've all had our "drooling like a dummy" moments!