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Lee Min Ho’s Past (Face and Relationship) Revealed! Ever since Lee Min Ho’s relationship status with his City Hunter co-star, Park Min Young became official, this ancient picture of Lee Min Ho started circulating online. The purpose of the picture, I presume, is two-folds. First, to reveal his past relationship with VJ Danji, who’s three years Lee Min Ho’s senior. Second, to remind us that Lee Min Ho’s charismatic looks are, in fact, man-made. To be honest, I’m glad that this picture surfaced again because it reduces the pain of seeing Lee Min Ho coupled up with Park Min Young. In fact, I now feel indifferent to Lee Min Ho, especially because of new eye-candies, Ji Sung and Jae Joong from Protect Your Boss. Isn’t it great to watch a well-written drama with two good looking leads? Can’t wait until I watch this weeks episodes. My apologies, I couldn’t help but to digress. So back to Lee Min Ho. Did this picture change how you feel about Lee Min Ho? If so, was it for better or for worse? src :
n btw, is LMH is with PMY? since both r bz with their respective 'jobs' guess personal social life take a back seat. Whoever LMH likes or seeing someone is his prerogative and that we should give him the privacy too. Afterall, he is as normal as any young hot blooded one heck of a guy who happen to be one of the most sought after star and whom we all very much care and wish him all the happiness, rite?
this does not change my feeling. he is the actor that i strongly adore in the universe. no lie. im a true minoz XDXD so do you guys. hehe...daebak!! swag!!
his charasmatics looks are not man made
No matter wat happen I always love and care lee min ho... Nothing change my feelings I love him so much with all my heart.,. And with all my soul...
I think he's the cutest korean actor I have seen....sakes who cares if he's dating someone older? Mind your own bizwack and leave him alone
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