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It's interesting to read about the design principles of the companies behind the most popular products being used. Lately I have been focused so much on Google's Material Design that I completely forgot about Microsoft. This might be helpful for anyone interested learning more about design, especially for Windows apps. Here are the 5 principles that I got from the Windows website: 1. Pride in craftsmanship Pride yourself in attention to detail and devote your time and energy to the smallest details that are important. - Get on the grid: Use the modern typographic grid to have a coherent design for your content. - Hierarchy and balance: Make the visual hierarchy clear to the user - Who are you?: Find typography that reflects the app's personality. 2. Do more with less Leave the most relevant elements (pictures, emails, news, articles, etc) and make navigation elements from content. Every element on the screen must have value and a clear purpose. 3. Fast and fluid Make our app immersive and responsive. Promote good animations, transitions, and responses that may not be expected. Good mobile apps focus on simple scenarios. Create a sense of continuity and use meaningful motion. 4. Authentically digital Embrace a more powerful and scalable design language. Be infographic and not just iconographic. Information delivery should be the primary goal so you an deliver clean content with no distractions. 5. Win as one Unify your work and innovate when necessary. Consider how your app would work on different devices and optimize the experience. If you want to read more, check out the link I attached. What are your thoughts?