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If you're interested in Android App development, or just UI/UX in general, then these guidelines are perfect for you! The Android UX Team believe the following to be essential design principles: 1. Enchant Me Take advantage of touch features, allow users to customize, and make navigation on your device easy to understand. 2. Simplify My Life Makes sure your features are necessary and useful. Have a consistent design and use images + quick and concise wording - communication between your product and user should be clear! Don't interrupt user unless absolutely necessary. 3. Make Me Amazing Use visual patterns so users feel they are learning, make sure to never blame the user for bugs or mistakes, prioritize the quickness of features (the most important ones should be the fastest) Take a look at the images in this card for examples!
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I love UI/UX. When you're coding something sometimes you lose sight of what an effective app would be, these principles are so essential!