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I found this great article that is so motivating :) It's written by Sam Spurlin, a PhD student studying positive organizational psychology. His article talks about how your most satisfying work will be when you work with dignity. Dignity is the self-worth with the effort placed in your work. If you don't work with dignity, then the work is separated from you...and it is harder to stay motivated. Spurlin shares some tips on how to work with dignity: 1. Craftsmanship: "Modern knowledge workers may feel separated from the artisans of times past, but no matter the actual medium in which we work, whether aged oak or PHP, we can still cultivate a craft mentality. Attention to detail, complete immersion and understanding of the tools of the trade, and a respect for every phase of the project are as open to programmers creating enterprise software as they are sculptors making gargoyles for cathedrals." 2. Have Humility: "When we bring humility to our work we acknowledge the idea of having room for improvement. Without humility our own egos often fill the void that should be filled by learning and development...Every day is an opportunity to find a better, more efficient, or more interesting way to do something we thought we already understood perfectly." I agree that rewarding work requires working with dignity, and I hope that I can find a job where I am passionate! I liked his point on humility...a good refresher! :)
So good. Loved the read. A lot of it connects to me personally on a spiritual level as well. I loved the part about humility in your work.
dignity and humility .... yep so agree with this.
this is really good. I need to remember this when working on my programming projects!
glad it can inspire you in some way @csgeek :-)