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1. Agree on a quitting time so you won't distract them 2. Respect the space where they are working 3. Don't take it personally if they aren't fully "present These tips are so helpful! I freelance from home...these are great rules I can set for myself and my roommate :)
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so good! can apply to anything...even just homework or reading!
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Definitely respecting working space. It's so easy to call out to your partner to ask them to do something like 'let the dog out' or 'answer the phone' without realizing they are in the middle of work!
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I worked from home a few years ago. I had dedicated the second bedroom of my apartment as my office. At the end of the day, I would close the door of that room so I would be home, not at work.
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@patrickballeux great idea!
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Yeah @patrickballeux , that's an efficient way to organize yourself. :-)
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