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A new startup, Miroculus, is working on a device that could detect cancer from a blood test. It is called Miriam and it is a low-cost and open source device. The startup is made up of a global team of entrepreneurs, microbiologists, and data scientists. The Miroculus device uses a blood sample to find the disease from microRNA. This is amazing, I hope that it can be perfected soon so that there can be earlier detection of cancer!
This could really be ground breaking. I am always amazed at how lucky we can get with treating cancer as long as it is caught before it is too late.
This is awesome, especially about it being cheap. That way tons of health centers can have access.
Great to see more open-source medical equipment being developed; we need to do more coworking like that.
Incredible! This could make huge advancements in cancer research and treatment, I hope they're able to get it working!
@pixiedust Very true! Hoping lots of good will come out of this :-)