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Supporters Shield and home field advantage chasing Seattle Sounders, without USMNT star DeAndre Yedlin take on a Vancouver Whitecaps squad looking to stave off the Portland Timbers' late playoff run on a cold night in Seattle. The game is on NBCSN in America and can be found online at stream.nbcsports.com/liveextra. Refresh occasionally for updates. 1' - Underway. Cascadia Cup goes to the winner here tonight. Very very big game atmosphere about it at Centurylink Field. 2' - Neagle with an early drive for Seattle. Handled well. In other news a letter has gone out from the Portland owner expressing his pardon for Portland fans who root for Seattle tonight. The Portland rivals could get come big help towards clinching the post-season if Seattle win tonight. Sounders fans sounding off loudly in the meantime. 0-0 6' - Just a note Dempsey IS playing tonight as we has not in the call up for Donovan's last USMNT game earlier this evening against Ecuador. That match finished 1-1 after a stunning goal from Enner Valencia. 9' - Bit of trading possession back and forth before the Vancouver keeper is forced to clear a ball at the edge of the box to prevent a Seattle chance. Vancouver then win a free kick but waste is out for a goal kick. 0-0 13' - Dempsey's free kick into the wall. Dempsey-Teibert has been a match up to watch so far tonight. 15' - Martins using his size to disrupt the Vancouver defense. They will need to be sharp passing the ball to prevent him from being a factor. 16' - Alonso pumps a free kick into the box but over everyone. In other MLS news, Sporting Kansas City beat Chicago tonight to clinch a playoff berth. Zuzi, also not on international duty, scoring in that game. 0-0 here. 18' - Laba's having trouble. Given up another foul. Seattle corner goes to waste after two crosses. 0-0 21' - Martins's good drive is blocked for a corner. Vancouver clears the danger. 0-0 25' - Both teams very wasteful so far. Pretty drab match. 0-0 30' - Really sloppy possessions. Everything is being lost in the centre third of the pitch. 0-0 30' - Manneh with a good shot on the near post to win a corner for the Whitecaps. An amazing counter-attack develops. Martins in his own half behind the defense on the right to play a loft to Dempsey who sends in Alonso who can't control it. Little better touch and that would have been a good chance. 0-0 33' - Alonso mishits a cross. If Seattle want to win the MLS Cup this year, they need to find more quality in their possession. Very clear case of that need tonight. 0-0 39 - Tippey-toe kind of play, no one seems able to deal with the pressure in the midfield and it's let to a lot of turnovers. 40' - Martins finds Pappa on the right whose cross it blocked for a corner. Ball was a decent one but cleared before Seattle win another corner. 41' - Corner is short and a shot is blocked before a break is on the other way. Gonzalez brings down Manneh and is booked. 42' - Vancouver win a corner from the free kick. It's cleared easily. 0-0 45' - Vancouver SCORES! Massive counter. Manneh is let back onto the field moments before Morales takes possession and find him unmarked on the left. He runs in towards the centre before turning towards the byline and punching home a goal. Seattle 0-1 Vancouver Half-Time Manneh, despite scoring, seems to have picked up a knock. I don't expect to see him back on the pitch in the 2nd half. Really tough to make anything of this, both teams looked poor before the Vancouver counter. Seattle looks to have had more possession, but really sloppy passing and midfield play have hindered both teams. Seattle's a hot and cold team this year; they're either blindingly good or appallingly poor. Which Seattle we see in the 2nd half will be interested. 46' - Underway again. 47' - Seattle need width. They can play/pass their way into the centre of the box so if they want something they'll need to start stretching the back line out wide. 49' - Another Seattle turnover in the middle of the park, this time from Dempsey, leads to a Hurtado break the Frei denies. Vancouver must be loving this. Seattle possession is being choked until they surrender the ball. 51' - Seattle with a good free kick but Dempsey, Martins, & Pappa have been quiet tonight. Free kick is put behind for a goal kick. 55' - Rosales gets away on the right wing for Vancouver before hitting a cross behind the trailer strikers. 0-1 56' - BIG collision. Baba should have been awarded the foul. Very sketchy refereeing. Ref has to protect player safety. 57' - Hurtado wins a dangerous free kick at the corner of the 18. It's blocked by a wall that looks to close that leads to a Seattle counter that the Vancouver keeper has to sweep clear. Game's been given a shot of life here. 0-1 60' - Seattle still without any width. Amazing how much they're missing Yedlin right now. 61' - Dempsey takes a hard challenge. Should have been a bookable offense but nothing was called. Ref's lost control of this I think. 62' - Alonso's been Seattle's best player tonight as he makes a challenging run into the box before trying to slot in Pappa who doesn't get to it first. Corner doesn't make anything and Seattle swap out Pappa. 0-1. 64' - Dempsey blown for a questionable call, tells the ref exactly what he thinks of him. He gets booked for it. I'm not one way or the other about the clubs but this has clearly not been the referee's best night. Vancouver's benefited a little from it. 69' - Over 55,000 at the game. Seattle get in a good cross but Vancouver have looked to collect themselves again. 0-1 71' - Vancouver make their 2nd change. Seattle have 2 subs remaining. 0-1 73' - Morales does down and looks to have handed in his sick note. Can't tell if it's cramps or he's blown the hamstring but he's hurt something for sure. 75' - Dempsey is fouled hard and this time the ref calls it. Seattle with a free kick 22 yards out. Biggest chance for Seattle here. 0-1 76' - Dempsey's shot deflects over off the top of the wall. Corner to Seattle. Decent ball but finds no one. Seattle still with possession. Martins runs wide and crosses in but the keeper has it. Scrappy stuff now. 0-1 80' - Morales is down but play has gone on. Now the ball is out for a goal kick and Morales can get treatment. Vancouver will use their 3rd sub here. This is shocking refereeing. Mezquida is coming on for the Whitecaps. 0-1 82' - Seattle to 3-5-2 to try and find that trying goal. All teams are done with subs now. 0-1 85' - If Seattle salvage anything from this game, it will be thanks to Alonso's efforts. 0-1 86' - Laba is booked. Seattle looking desperate at this rate. 0-1 87' - Vancouver are trying to park the bus, they have everyone back. 0-1 89' - Vancouver breaks up field looking for the goal to seal it but to no avail. Seattle pressing hard now. 0-1 90' - Seattle pumps in a cross and Martins clearly hinders the keeper, taking him out. No decsision yet on stoppage. I'd expect 5-6 minutes. This has gotten ugly and very very dicey. 0-1. 90' + 3' - Seattle wins a free kick. Seattle pumps it towards the far post before heading it back across and then on goal before it's cleared off the line. 0-1 90' + 4' - Martins flies in with an attempt to win a header on the edge of the box. Should have been booked by now. 0-1 90' + 5' - Sounders win a free kick. Pineda showing some aggression. It's flown in and put just wide of the goal. The keeper looks it onto the post but it touches him. Should have been a corner. Ref is having a howler. 0-1 90' + 7' - How much time is there? Seattle pump it forward before the whistle for Full-Time is finally blown. Sloppy game, sloppy officiating, but another twist in the playoff picture. Portland will have to do this the hard way to get in. Full-Time Seattle 0-1 Vancouver Horrific game but Seattle shows they need Yedlin and lack width. This is a team that I don't expect to be playing for the MLS Cup in December. Vancouver's defending was worth the three points however, as they now maintain the 1 point lead over Portland for the final playoff spot ahead of a massive weekend in the MLS.