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I come from a very, very Irish family. I'm talking about red haired, freckled, heavy cream-drinking, potty-mouthed Irish relatives by the hundreds. Irish dance was an unavoidable part of my childhood. While I was never going to join the River Dance team, I enjoyed my classes and can still manage a pretty nice reel when forced. Imagine my surprise when I found out the new dance craze in Ireland isn't the traditional leading jigs most people associate with the country, it's swing! New swing clubs are opening all over Ireland, with the dance culture growing stronger every day! The main places for swing right now are Cork, Kilkenny, Dublin, Galway and Belfast, and they are all open to new-comers. So if you find yourself in Ireland anytime soon and you happen to have your dancing shoes, go explore this hot new scene!
I want to go swing dancing in Ireland! My sister and her boyfriend were just there. I'll need to ask them if they saw any!
This sounds so cool! Some of my family members are actually really into swing dancing so I'm sure they'll be happy to see it getting popular again :)