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As I type this card, I am sipping on my second coffee of the day and it isn't even noon yet. I am definitely in the group of people that aren't human without that caffeine burst in the morning, and I need to do something about it. Finding substitutions for your morning coffee, or worse, your energy drinks, might be easier than you think! Caffeine is fine in small doses, but for people like me who are rather dependent, here are some ways to wake up your mind without chugging that pot of coffee. 1. Vitamin B12 - This vitamin does a lot for your body, but one of its benefits is its ability to energize you! It is great for waking you up and providing mental clarity, which is perfect for people heading to work or students studying late at night. 2. Ginseng - Not the tastiest alternative, but it does reduce depression and stress, treat type II diabetes, and increase blood flow to act as a stimulant. Ginseng is actually found in many energy drinks already, so you might be consuming this stuff without even knowing it! 3. Fruit! - Rather than a short-lived sugar rush from candy or soda, grab some grapes or an apple for a little energy shot. The most energizing fruits are apples, grapes, peaches and citrus fruits due to their especially high fructose content. Furthermore, citrus fruits also contain high levels of vitamin C, which is known to boost energy. 4. Exercise - While exercise often tires us out, a little bit of aerobic exercise in the morning not only makes you physically and mentally healthier, it can also wake you up. Study after study has shown that the energizing effects of exercise are even stronger than that of caffeine. 5. Sleep - Surprise, surprise. Getting a good night sleep can help you feel more awake and alert the next day. I know it may seem like you don't have the time some days, but make it a point to grab those 7 hours to wake up bright-eyes and bushy tailed.
Why do I feel like "Sleep" is going to be the hardest one for me :( Great tips though!
That's cra no way.. Keep it trill
Eat more fruit, take more naps, and do a bit more exercise? That's it?!!!
I am always amazed at how twenty jumping jacks can get me focused again. When I am at my desk at work I have to make it a point to get up and jump around a bit to wake myself up.