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Touring is tough. If you're lucky, you can afford a bus and if you're not, you're stuck in a van with your gear and the rest of your bandmates. You spend your days shuffling from venue to venue, with interviews and appearances scattered in between. 90% of your time is spent sitting and eating. So how do you get that fitness in? Hayley Williams - Being naturally thin, Hayley gets most of her exercise simply from dancing on stage. Spend an hour blasting some music and jump around your house like no one is watching! She also sticks to a very clean diet, with no sugary foods. Munch on some leafy greens, nuts, and lots of tea! Adam Levine - This rock star swears by yoga. Practicing it every morning, this singer studies multiple styles of yoga to keep his heart, body, and mind fit. I've attached a video of his favorite moves! Alicia Keys - Alicia's abs are almost as impressive as her powerhouse vocals. Here's her go-to ab workout for maintaining her figure on the road: Start in a plank position and round your spine towards the ceiling while bringing the right knee towards your nose. Lift your left arm forward as you bring your right leg back. Return to plank position. Try doing 3 sets of 15 reps three times per week. Check out the photo I attached!
Damn, just reading this makes me exhausted.
I guess I can't complain about not being able to exercise because I'm at an office all day. At least I'm not stuck in a car!