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I'm sure we've all used Google Maps to walk down a few streets, whether its a road in our neighborhood or to see the Champs-Élysées. Street view is available thanks to the hard work of cameramen and women that drive their cars down every street and alleyway with a camera to record the area accurately. But what happens when there are no roads? Google Maps has hired a rather unusual employee to help them record the vast expanse of the desert in Liwa, located in Abu Dhabi. Google has hired a camel and camel guide to walk the desert with a high-quality camera to record this desert and the oasis it contains. Check out this brief video of the team in action!
I feel like this would be a job for @caricakes - She's a travel junkie!!
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@danidee I don't know if I'd want a camera strapped to my back and to wander the desert, but I think I get what you're saying ;)
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@caricakes You mean that doesn't sound like the world's best time?? You get a free camel!
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I'm excited to see where they explore next!
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