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We all want to believe that as the Beatles said all you need to make something work is love, but the unpopular truth is that love isn’t enough to sustain a relationship. Or rather, the kind of love that it takes to make a relationship work long term isn’t the love we think of or read about in fairy tales. Candace Davis went on a mission to find out what it really takes to make a relationship work and I have to say I agree with what she learned, although I might explain it slightly differently. Making a relationship work, according to Davis and the various individuals and couples she spoke with, is about compromise, sacrifice, a desire to be with the other person and share both joy and pain, and first loving yourself. I agree with these completely, my husband and I have gone through all of these. For me though, that is exactly what love is. There is a quote from Madeleine L'Engle's "A Wind In The Door" that I find is the truest statement about love I have ever found: “Love isn’t how you feel, it’s what you do.” In order for a relationship to be strong, to last, love cannot be a passive emotion even if it’s shared. Love must be an active very that you and you partner practice daily. Practice love by sharing your experiences honestly with your partner; compromising and yes sometimes even sacrificing for your relationship; and above all else love yourself. If you and your partner are both working on these together, then you really can have that happily ever after. I recommend taking a look at the article to see Davis' take on it, and if you agree or disagree or have other thoughts I would love to discuss them in the comments.
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really grounded advice. sometimes it can be hard to remember that love is important but it's not enough to sustain something, you've got to work for it also.