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Baron Biosystem founder Armando Mastracci visited GCN HQ and brought with him his new Intelligent Gearing System. Using a unique and impressive software package, it uses power, cadence and speed data to detect and select your ideal gear, then using DI2, puts you there. Does it work? Yes. It's impressively well thought through, even going so far as to change the algorithm for riding out of the saddle, and stopping the front derailleur from shifting when it detects the torque is too high to effectively shift. Would you want this? Well, that depends. It's certainly a different approach to shifting to many experienced cyclists. However, it's not without it's merits, and there are many applications where this could potentially improve a rider's performance.
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I'm thinking about this in the context of manual vs automatic shifting in cars, people who really enjoy driving or don't want to pay for automatic usually stick with manual. I'm happy about the innovation but I think I'll stick with manual for now
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