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There’s a lot of talk about how video games can be used for education, and a lot of examples that I’d even like to talk about! Minecraft is even a popular example of a game that helps teach math, physics, logic, all kinda of stuff. But reading? It’s not what I would think of but it actually makes a lot of sense. Because Minecraft has very little introduction or tutorial material to the game itself, so when a new player wants to learn how to do something they either have to look up a video tutorial on YouTube or find the information on the expansive Minecraft wikipedia ( The reading level of the site is pretty standard, it ranges from 8th to 11th grade level, but think how young some Minecraft players actually are and it starts to become more impressive. Kinds in elementary and middle school are playing this game, and using this site and a ton of others to get information about the game. Minecraft is just the example here, but it’s true of basically any other game. If you’re into gaming then you’re familiar with walkthroughs. When you get stuck on a puzzle or boss fight, you can look up instructions and tutorials for how to do it online, which is exactly what young kids playing games are doing. It’s really cool to me that Minecraft and other games are helping with something as fun and important as reading. I love to read, but I know not everyone does so not everyone can really work on their reading skills. It’s also cool to me because it’s something you can show parents or people who don’t think video games are worthwhile, to show them that these games are helping the people who play them!
@caricakes hey that totally counts, most gamers will just think of computer games as video games too! I played a lot of educational games when I was little actually, and I loved them.
This is so cool!! I used to have math and spanish computer games that I loved so I'm glad to see video games are doing the same!