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Longsheng, Guangxi, China
Here are some views of the Longsheng rice terraces in China. Ping'an is the town pictured. The pictures don't do the region justice. It was a beautiful trip. :)
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@GetFitwithAmy I live here in Guilin. We took a weekend trip to Lansheng. Hiked all day on a Saturday and I almost died, haha. There are waterfalls everywhere, too, and it's a big tourist spot for the Chinese. Although if you hike between towns like we did, you don't encounter too many people. We were part of the attraction in many Chinese tourists' photos, though! In Guilin we have karst mountains. The pictures I have of that are not so good, but now that it's cooler I want to go downtown and climb Old Man Mountain again to get better pictures.
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@heartland That sounds incredible! I still can't believe those karst mountains are real when I see photos of them. What are you doing in China if you don't mind me asking :)
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@GetFitwithAmy I know! It's so awesome seeing them every day. I am teaching English at a university here. :)
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@heatland How exciting! I look forward to your future posts. This is really a part of the world that I rarely get to see!
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