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First Hollywood and then THE WORLD, or at least that’s what Marvel and Disney are shooting for after the awesome success of Guardians of the Galaxy this summer they announced at NYCC that will be producing an animated Guardians show set to premiere next here and function as a spin off from the movie. It makes perfect sense for Marvel and Disney to be capitalizing on the huge popularity of Marvel heroes given how well the various Avengers movies have done, including the first Guardians movie. Not only that, but Agents of SHIELD has done really well and Agent Carter is also expected to be well received (I’ll tell you right now, I will LOOOVE every second of it!). The Guardians haven’t been featured on a show since their special episode on Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes so this is a REALLY big deal for fans of the odd ball hero group. Me. Me I mean me this is a huge deal to me lol The Marvel animated spinoff for Avengers, Avengers Assemble was pretty awesome and I’m really excited for Guardians to have their TV spotlight. It also gives a lot of neat opportunities to do cross references between the various Marvel movies and the TV shows, something we’ll hopefully be seeing on this season of Agents of Shield and then Agent Carter.
@EightyNine yeah! It's really exciting cause like I said there haven't been as many Marvel animated shows recently, so I really want to watch this and see how they tie it into the movies.
so like
I guess it did so well they had to continue it!