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Stephen Fry Explains What is Right and Wrong
What is humanism and why is it sometimes so proud of itself? You could ask Stephen Fry, the genial English actor, comedian, writer, and passionate activist and advocate. Fry narrates the video series here, “That’s Humanism,” for the British Humanism Association. “What makes something right or wrong?” Fry asks, then goes on to contrast in layman’s terms two moral theories: divine command and a generally altruist, prosocial ethical stance. He also cites “Reason,” “Experience,” and “Respect for Others” as methods by which humanists determine right from wrong, and he touches superficially on the role of culture as a container of morality, though he avoids the many thorny issues implied in that assertion.
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watching this made me wonder why I haven't read more about philisophy. it's so fascinating.
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